Stack overflow’s developer survey data based analysis.

During the current scenario of the COVID pandemic, the tech industry is one of the least affected. This has attracted a large number of aspiring individuals in roles such as web developer, data scientist etc. Most of them who wish to acquire these technical skills ask individuals like existing developers for a roadmap. A number of these individuals suggest learning roadmaps, like a formal degree or some specialised course whereas others talk about the learning by doing strategies.
With the help of data from Stackoverflow’s 2017 Annual Developer Survey, this article aims to provide an explanation on what experienced developers believe…

Matrix used to optimise regression model made on the developer survey data from 2017 by stack overflow.

Since my regression model was up and running, I have been thinking about it’s performance. If it was a classification model, a confusion matrix would signify the performance of that model. However, in case of a regression model it’s not that simple. This article aims to shed a light on the matrix used to optimise the regression model and how it functions.

r2_score or R-squared

Commonly known as R-squared, the coefficient of determination defines the confidence by which we can delineate the dependent feature (y) based on the independent features (X).

The value of R-squared usually computed using sklearn.metrics package in python has…

Prateek Goel

A highly zestful python developer with an inclination towards data science.

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